Project Approach


KSJ understands the importance of preconstruction. Our collaborative teaming approach aligns KSJ with the architect, subcontractor, and owner to maximize the construction budget. Our peer review of the plans assist the architect in producing the most workable drawings possible.

With proper planning and a review at each design stage update, we are able to determine constructability, building system types, and value management, allowing us to reduce potential construction issues.

Budget and Cost Analysis

We draw upon our experience, updated with modern technology in the form of software, to get every penny in place. At KSJ, we are highly aware that only with current and precise figures can you and the project team make important financial decisions and construct the Master Budget.

Schedule Control and Contractor Coordination

We keep owners informed of the progress of their projects by producing a three-week projection schedule every week. This creates a tightly- focused framework for coordinating all work on site at any time. This focused scheduling also enables KSJ to quickly evaluate any change orders and avoid delays in the schedule.

Trade Contractor

KSJ carefully selects subcontractors by prequalifying quality subcontractors. After bid proposals are gathered, we present a final pricing package with detailed estimates and bids for each trade along with scope/price comparisons.

Change Management

When changes to the construction plans are necessary, KSJ adjusts accurately and efficiently. Following an owner’s request for a change, the appropriate subcontractors are contacted and given all details necessary to submit revised pricing within ten days. Attentive to an owner’s needs for accurate appraisal of changes, KSJ requires that each subcontractor response include necessary unit and labor costs with a detailed take-off from the approved plans. After all take-offs and prices are double-checked against plans in the KSJ office, they are submitted to the owner with full confidence that the cost and construction changes are valid.

Quality Control and Value Management

KSJ builds projects to the highest levels of quality, maintaining safe and drug-free work environments, and meeting the owner’s budget. Every phase completed, every system installed, every fixture placed is evaluated in a KSJ checklist of quality. KSJ’s management is on site to make sure the job is done well, at cost, and on time.


KSJ strives to always be ahead of the game in the field of technology. We have recently expanded our technological capabilities to include Cloud computing. Our private Cloud system allows all our personnel, whether within one of our many offices across the country or on a jobsite in any of the 50 states and worldwide, and all our external team members like owners and architects, to access all information related to their job from anywhere, anytime.


The KSJ approach to project safety is a simple one: we ask that all employees and personnel place safety first. Safety requires teamwork. No one person alone can ensure a safe environment. Because it is a collaborative effort, KSJ involves every individual in making safety the top priority.